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Catastrophic Brain & Spinal Cord Injury

Catastrophic injuries suffered in an accident typically involve an enormous, imposing force, such as a semi tractor-trailer, and an exposed victim — someone vulnerable and unprotected, like a motorcyclist, bicycle rider, pedestrian or child attacked by an animal. If you or a family member has been on the losing end of this kind of confrontation triggered by negligence — on the roads, on a Flordia lake, or on the unsafe property — we can help. We are Sheftall & Associates, PA, your compassionate personal injury law firm in Jacksonville.

Sheftall & Associates leads a team effort on behalf of your rights when crippling injuries take you from your job and threaten to sideline you forever. Our law offices work hard to investigate your accident, use the facts of your claim to negotiating with insurance companies, and display a tenacity at trial that gets results. When traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury, paralysis, and permanent disfigurement afflict innocent people seriously injured in an accident, our caring attorneys spring into action with justice as our goal. We strive to help victims recoup lost wages, medical bills and motor vehicle replacement costs. Many of the settlements we obtain include punitive damages, reflecting a victim’s pain and suffering, and long-term emotional trauma.

Trust, Care, Commitment From Lawyers Who Work Hard For Your Rights And Future

Is someone you care about struggling with a catastrophic brain injury after a sudden, violent accident during a cruise or on a cargo ship? Are you desperate for help from someone who truly cares about your well-being? We urge you to reach out to our Sheftall & Associates, PA, law offices. Home and hospital room visits can be arranged. Our contingency fee policy means that no legal fees are owed to us unless we win your case