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Trucking Accidents

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You were driving to work like you do every day when a truck swerved into your lane. You were seriously injured, and now you can’t work. What are you to do about those medical and auto repair expenses piling up? Don’t worry—the Law Offices of Sheftall & Associates is here for you. If you’re searching for a trucking accident lawyer in Jacksonville, FL, look no further than our law offices. With three major interstates in the Jacksonville area, we know truck accidents are more prevalent here. That’s why we keep ourselves educated on local and federal trucking regulations. Whether your accident left you with whiplash or a disability, we can help you seek compensation. Hire the attorneys at the Law Offices of Sheftall & Associates today to start building a strong defense for your case.

What caused your accident?

The size and weight of trucks make truck accidents more severe than other auto accidents. Truck accidents can happen because of:

  • Improper truck maintenance
  • Inexperienced drivers
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Blind spots

With a competent trucking accident lawyer on your side, you’ll face your case with confidence. Reach out to us now to seek compensation for all types of auto accidents in Jacksonville, FL.